Tale of Nine Sister Cities

At the time of the tappings Phoenix Sister Cities has nine Sister Cities. The Sister Cities organization was an idea that was started by President Dwight Eisenhower in ____. Phoenix and hundreds of other cities around the globe are part of that organization. The Nine cities are Ennis, Grenoble, Katanya, Prague, Himeji, Chengu, Taipei, Hermosillo and Calgary. Since then Prague is on hiatus and Ramat was added.

The 30 minute program was a weekly show on Public Access and showcased each city individually. Each committee has its own group and Chair and volunteer members. Each committee has its own showcase event as well as specific interests. Some of the main areas are the Student Exchanges, Business and in the later episodes we started to feature some of the local restaurants that supported the various culinary tastes around the Valley. Vincent’s and Tomaso’s were such two.

Joanne Caroselli was our host, we had numerous City Council Members as each City Committee had its own member. Those members would frequently go on trips to the cities to help with meetings with their counterparts to discuss business relations. All of that was presented on each program

Our camera crew came from some of the local high schools were involved in the student exchanges as well as the booth crew came from a local high school where they had a TV/Tech class. The students got hands on experience on a real program.