Web Presence

Websites are created for the following reasons:

  • You got something to sell
  • You have a message to send out
  • You want to show something off

In either case if you want Google to list it, so that your message can be found it needs to in Google format. Same goes for all the other Search Engines, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go and the others. There are 14 of them (today).

Bing, DuckDUckGo, Quara, DogPile, Vimeo, Yandex, Boardreader, WolframALpha, IxQuick, Ask.com, SlideShare, Addict-o-matic, Giphy and Creaive Commons Search.

By the way, there are another 40, although many are subcategories of the above as well as popular Social Tools. This is where posting becomes important.

Most websites need to have these 25+ items to be effective. In some cases an item or two may not apply, but for the most part it needs to be there. And in some cases the items are key to getting listed, or be eligible for that coveted first page, top 10 on a Google Search result.

These items include, but not limited to. All of these work with one another at times. This is part of the initial meeting also where we talk about your particular situation. No you do not need to know what all these things are.

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Privacy Policy Page
  3. Headline
  4. Sub Headline
  5. Contact info, address, email and phone. Yes some people will want to call you!
  6. Phone Number – a clickable phone number (and make sure you answer)
  7. Friendly URL structure
  8. Crawlable as well as Indexable pages
  9. Permanent 301 redirects
  10. Page Not Found Page – folks mistype all the time, there are some very cool 404 pages out there.
  11. Sticky Elements ( at the top and bottom as well)
  12. Use of Breadcrumbs
  13. Responsive Design – Mobile Friendly of all sizes and makes
  14. High-Quality and Original Images
  15. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs)
  16. Effective calls to action
  17. XML sitemaps
  18. links to social media
  19. Overview of Services/Features
  20. Security – SSL certificates are not expensive and often required
  21. Captcha / Anti-Spam Feature
  22. Search bar
  23. Have a Robots.txt
  24. Landing Pages are ok, a must in many cases
  25. Check spelling/typing. Grammarly is very popular.

It used to be we always wanted to be ‘above the fold’ in the print world. with today’s various sizes of monitors it still applies at that while we want a great ‘header’ we need to make sure it does not scare people away from an action. That ‘call to action’ should be near the top as well as graphics, and a concise menu. It is k to have drop down menus, just make sure you aren’t sending them, and then sending them. A great tagline, a quick what this site is about.

Below that is your content, the key for someone to stay or leave. They decide this in seconds now, so make sure you are loading quickly. Images are rendered to load quick. VERY QUICK!

In your footer its customary to put your social links, folks today know the icons. Just verify that they all work! It also not a bad idea to have a menu at the bottom, as well as business hours, location, phone and email. Do not make the user keep scrolling up and down.

The good news is we do all of this for you when you become a client.