SEO, better known as Search Engine Optimization begins with your posts, as well as frequency of posts, and cross posts from other sites. It is a complicated thing, and is the most important when dealing with Google and other Search Engines so that they find you, list you and thus your future and current clients can find you. The key to great SEO is the website, if that is not ready then anything else does not work.

Today we prefer to call it SEM Search Engine Management, as we manage the process of your posts and put together a schedule that maximizes exposure across the Net. These exposures include, LinkedIN, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and others. You won’t be on all of them the first day, even the first 90 days. It needs to fit what you are selling.

Each of the above has their own breakdowns, Facebook as well as LinkedIN has areas where you need to be posting, looking and commenting. Twitter needs a regular schedule as the feed is crazy, and your followers follow more than just you. YouTube, Pinterest and one of the most popular Social Tools Instagram is very visual, so if photos or videos are a part a plan needs to be in place.