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Your Media Plan

We often get asked the following questions, in no certain order:

  • Do we need to be on all Social Platforms?
  • Which Social Platforms are the most important?
  • How often do we need to post?>/li>
  • How long before we get 10,000 followers (or millions)?

The answers:

  • Not really, but there are ones that are probably specific to your type of business
  • Most types of business have their ‘must’ Social platforms
  • Generally it should be two to three times a week, however again it depends on your business. There are also many types of posts.
  • Everything takes time. Yes, sometimes things go ‘viral’ and lots of eyes see you. This also takes time.

There are other questions, we will be addressing many here in much greater detail.

If you want to schedule an appointment to discuss this we can make that happen.

Redesign Brings Changes

A new redesign of this site brings about new changes everywhere. Hints and tips on strategy for your business will appear here, as well as any specials you should know about.

The paulvalach.org will continue to also have posting but eventually will all point here with greater detail.